AS3: SWFScroll, Yet Another Scrollbar Library

SWFScroll can also be used to mimic browser scrollbars in flash.

I wanted to create scrollbars that behave like real scrollbars with features like:

  • Automatic resizing for fullscreen flash.
  • A grace movement of +-60 pixels.
  • A scrubber that is draggable and accurately reflects the canvas size
    even on resizing of the window
  • Color states to match a real scrollbar (colors can be modified in scrollBarSettingsHelper)
  • MouseWheel Capability even on Macs (uses Gabriel Bucknall's swfmacmousewheel)
  • Page Up / Page Down keys enabled
  • All arrow keys enabled (once you click on your scrollable area first).

View example in a new window, to see how the browser scrollbars operate in a seperate window. Or view the inline example below

Download the source files
The Size of SWFScroll is less than 10K.

For more information see the google code project or view the documentation.