Toggle Comment Trick

This is probably common knowledge for many of you, and if you have a decent editor it's moot. But I figured I'd share.

If you are developing in a programming language that allows for both single line and multiline comments and you'd like to more easily comment/uncomment multiline comments, this trick may come in handy.

Below is an as3 example:

var userName:String = "testname";  
var userPass:String = "testpass";  

var userName:String = userNameTF.text;  
var userPass:String = userPassTF.text;  

This way you don't have to constantly insert and remove your multiline comment tags. By adding/removing a single line comment delimiter (//) in front of the initial multiline comment delimiter(/*) you can comment/uncomment your block of code.

One can argue that it's takes just as many keystrokes to remove the initial multiline delimiter (/*) as it does adding a single line delimiter (//). However, having your initial multiline delimiter always present, makes your comment block boundaries consistently visible.