Flash websites with HTML benefits.

SWFSEO is a flash framework that allows you to build flash websites with the features of HTML websites.

HTML features like:

This project addresses the components that are usually an afterthought during development and often left incomplete. Ironically, these neglected parts are tied to the user experience and website search engine visibility. These are arguably the most crucial elements to a successful web experience.

Once you read all of the documentation, you will find that SWFSEO is incredibly easy to use. It organizes your projects in a consistent manner, while saving you time during the development and maintenance of your project.

SWFSEO has only one outwardly facing controller class, along with several "hook" classes. These simple "hook" classes allow your page swfs to communicate with the controller class.

UltraLoader, a powerful preloading library, is used to load in all kinds of media content in a very manageable fashion.

With SWFSEO, you can add as many or as few pages as you'd like, without recompiling your SWFSEO controller file.

For more details on the features of SWFSEO view the documentation and/or download the source from Google Code.